The Bat VoIP Process


A typical Bat VoIP experience might go something like this:

  1. You install a soft phone, often free, and/or you buy an ATA, likely less than $50
  2. You register for a free account
  3. Bat VoIP will verify your information and then assign your account a Bat VoIP username & password that you will enter in to your new ATA and/or softphone, as well as entering a VoIP server.  You can log in to whichever server you wish and your Bat VoIP username & password will be shown under My Service in your account.
  4. You can now plug any phone in to the ATA and/or use your soft phone to send and receive "in-network" phone calls for free.(some test numbers here)

You can then add funds to your Bat VoIP account and buy a phone number, local or otherwise for $2.99/month, which we will assign to your account under My Service.  Now you have pay-per-use incoming and outgoing using this new real phone number.

If you're getting A LOT of incoming calls you can then add unlimited incoming, +$7/month, and you now have a phone number similar to your local phone provider for about $10/month with MUCH cheaper pay per use outgoing and better included features, like FREE:

  • voice mail to email
  • free call display
  • free call waiting
  • ring groups or simultaneous ring to various numbers
  • auto attendant/IVR/routing
  • and more...

Once the new Bat VoIP client has tested everything and ensured it's working on their end, then they can "port" over their existing home or mobile phone number and we would become their local phone provider, at SIGNIFICANT savings as their fixed monthly costs to Bat VoIP would be $2.99 or $9.99/month depending on incoming options.

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Another slightly more interesting and complicated setup could go something like this:

  1. 800 Vanity # $35 setup + $2.99/month
  2. Local number $2.99/month
  3. add Unlimited incoming $7.00/month

At this point, $35 one time and $12.98/month, we could forward, via call tree or otherwise, the 800 to the new local number to avoid/reduce 800 incoming fees.

You'd essentially end up with free, or near free, unlimited incoming 800# for about $13/month!!

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Still not's a way to turn your Apple mobile, or even iPad, in to a Bat VoIP phone:

  1. Soft phone app, ex. 3CXPhone
  2. Bat VoIP account
  3. Equals FREE in-network iPad phones

Yup, we just turned the iPad in to a phone!!

Probably the best, aka geekiest, way would be to have a free Bat VoIP account per device then free calls can be made between each device and you have no monthly costs with Bat VoIP.

You can also use the same Bat VoIP account to log on with multiple devices.

For $2.99/month, add a real phone number which can be almost anywhere and pay per use.

And, all you need to start is one free app and one free Bat VoIP account :)

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Still not sure, consider this case:

  1. You're a mobile person, snow bird or avid traveller.
  2. You take your ATA or IP Phone with you and plug it in to your network, or use your already installed soft phone.
  3. Add a Bat VoIP account and you can now send & receive in-network for FREE!!!
  4. Port in or create a new number and your friends and family can now reach you regardless of where you are in the world!!

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