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Ok, we know this process can seem daunting, but, for most phone numbers, it really is as simple as $2.99/month/number plus in/out usage.  Want a more predicatable traditional line, then the Home Phone plan is likely for you!!

But wait, what about "unlimited" plans.....we considered said "unlimited" plans but if you dig a little deeper you will likely find the closer you get to using "unlmited" the more likely you will have violated your providers Terms of Service.  And, in order for a VoIP provider to profit from "unlimited" accounts, you MUST be paying for more service than you are using or the VoIP provider would simply lose money and go out of business. 

As such, it seems much better that we provide the more transparent "pay for what you use" model then you never have to worry about over paying for phone service you never use.  We're betting that if you wanted to pay bloated fees for unlimited services that you can't/won't use, then you wouldn't be here.

In short, Bat VoIP provides sustainable home & business phone VoIP services to save you money!!

  Bat VoIP Free Pay as You Go Home Phone
Bat VoIP Plan Comparison
User Residential Res/Business Residential
Incoming Calls In-Network $0.015/min Included *
Outgoing Calls ** Pay Per Use Pay Per Use Pay Per Use
Free In-Network Calls Included Included Included
Voicemail N/A Included Included
Caller ID N/A Included Included
Call Waiting N/A Included Included
Call Forward N/A Included Included
Free Toll Free Calling Included Included Included
Online Routing Included Included Included
Equipment Bring your Own Bring your Own Bring your Own
Price $0.00/month $2.99/mth $9.99/mth
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* Residential only, up to 3500 INCOMING minutes per month

** NOTE: 911/e911 is not included in the above price and is optional at $1.50 setup and $1.50/month per number read more here

** Outgoing pay per use is based on the number called, like typical long distance, except Bat VoIP to USA 48 is @ 1.2¢ per minute ($0.012) and Canada starting as low as ½ ¢ per minute ($0.0059)


Buy your own hardware here and click here to program your own ATA.