Panasonic KX-TGP 550 Configuration Details

Complete the following fields:

Phone number ID: 100000 (Enter your Bat VoIP username, it´s always a six digit number)

Line ID: 100000_subaccount (Enter your Bat VoIP sub-account, -if used-. Phone number ID must be numeric, but Line ID is alpha)

Registrar Server Address: (You can enter any of the Bat VoIP servers)

Registrar Server port: 5060 (Default SIP Port)

Proxy server Address: (You can enter any of the Bat VoIP servers)

Proxy server port: 5060

Presence server port: 5060

SIP service domain: (You can enter any of the Bat VoIP servers)

SIP source port: 5060 Authentication ID: 100000 (Enter your Bat VoIP username)

Authentication password: ********* (Bat VoIPs´s Account Password)

The default registration expiry time on this device is 3600 seconds. You may have to reduce that if you lose registration. Unfortunately, that can not be set on the web interface. You need to load a provisioning configuration file from a web or FTP server. The parm is REG_EXPIRE-n=mmm, where n is line number, and mmm is the registration interval. e.g. REG_EXPIRES_1=300 to set line 1 registration time to 300 seconds. A symptom of this problem is that the telephone web interface shows that the line is registered, but the Bat VoIP control panel indicates that it is not registered. This device supports multiple provisioning files in a hierarchy.

The "Phone Number" field may contain only digits, and *must* contain at least one digit, or the base unit won't try to register it. Within those restrictions it can be any number you want. When using the handset (or base unit) to select a line from which to dial, this number will be displayed next to the entry for the associated line. I think Panasonic's idea is that this is supposed to be a DID associated with the SIP address, but it doesn't have to be.

Enter your SIP username in the "Line ID" field and again in the "Authentication ID" field. If you are registering a Bat VoIP main account your SIP username will be your six-digit account number. If you are registering a sub-account it will be your main account number followed by an underscore followed by the sub-account number.

You can register at any Bat VoIP server (e.g. "") but you must enter your chosen server name in the "Registrar Server Address" and "Proxy Server Address" and "Service Domain" fields. After saving these settings, check the "VoIP Status" page in the "Status" section to see if the status of this line is "registered". This product can register up to eight SIP addresses at once. If any of the SIP addresses you configured into the device do not show their status on this page as being "registered", then the status light on the base unit will flash yellow. (This is not mentioned in either the user guide nor the admin guide for this product.)

The above information applies to both the TGP-550 (where the base unit has a handset, dialpad, LCD display, etc.) and the TGP-500 (where the base unit is a faceless black box that sits in your network closet).