Special Numbers/Codes

Call 1-555-555-0911 to test CallerID and e911.

The following codes will also work:

011+Country Code+number: International
00+Country Code+number: International
033+Country Code+number: International Value (override account setting)
044+Country Code+number: International Premium (override account setting)
*97 Voicemail
**275 SIP Broker Peering (e.g: **275*011188888)
4443: Echo Test
4747: DTMF Test
311: Non-Emergency Police, Municipal and Other Governmental Services (Canadian Servers)
511: Provision of Weather and Traveler Information Services (Canadian Servers)
811: Non-Urgent Health Teletriage / telehealth Services (Canadian Servers)
(+ signs used as reference only. Do not include + signs when dialing)

Allowed Codecs
G.711U (μ-law / pcmu), G.729, GSM

Supported Protocols
SIP and IAX2

SIP: 5060 UDP RTP Range: 10001-20000 UDP
IAX2: 4569 UDP