VoIP Hardware

VoIP hardware often takes the form of IP phones and/or hardware that sits between your traditional phone and your VoIP service.

IP phones are often VoIP phones, corded and cordless, that only require an internet connection and the correct settings to access VoIP services.  Conversations on these phones are often the highest quality as the best VoIP hardware is being used.  IP phones can also communicate with traditional phones.  Instructions to setup specific IP phones are impossible, but the instructions below, at least, would generally apply.

Specific VoIP hardware also exists to communicate between your VoIP services and traditional phones.  The most common VoIP hardware is the ATA, analog telephone adapter, that connects your internet, VoIP service and traditional phone.  The Linksys PAP

Once the ATA is connected to your internet and a traditonal phone connected to the ATA then, generally, it's a matter of logging in to the ATA, think something like, and entering your VoIP settings similar to this:

  • VoIP Username=Username found under My Services of VoIP Control Panel
  • VoIP Password=Secret found under My Services of VoIP Control Panel
  • VoIP Server=server assigned for reduced latency

By entering different values for the settings in to your VoIP hardware, ex. for different VoIP providers, you can generally add more than 1 VoIP account to your VoIP hardware.  This can be useful for displaying different call display numbers, having different numbers assigned to ring to different phones and situations like having a home number and business number setup on the same VoIP hardware.

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